6cm 8cm Durable PVC Spiky Massage Ball

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Excellent tool for YOGA and ultimate deep tissue-The muscle ball is perfect for helping to wrap deep muscle knots and tight muscle areas using your own body weight, as well as the effective outer layer a stimulating effect and increases circulation throughout the body. The massage ball provides a deep tissue massage, perfect for plantar fasciitis, the pointed outer layer offers a stimulating effect and an increasing circulation. 
SUPERIOR and durable quality: made of durable solid rubber. The highest quality rubber to support any body weight. High density rubber reaches deeper into the fascia to release tension
Easy to use: use a wall or a floor, simply lean on the ball and use your own body weight to roll the ball at the desired point of tightness or muscle pain. 
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It can be placed on the palms of children, the soles of the feet or extremities and other parts, pressing the extrusion, rolling or massaging to stimulate skin sensation that favors the development of active and stable nerve emotions .
Local weight loss massage: quickly break fat, save time and effort, do not let the beautician rub asthma 
Head massage: to improve the germinal, hair loss, scalp, insomnia and more dreams, the loss of memory, the yellowish wonders. The use is extremely practical. 
Foot massage: in the hand before the foot massage, blood circulation effect that manual massage more than 20 times, and extremely labor-saving, brush for the total fever of the legs, systemic permeability! 
Leg lymphatic drainage massage, leg-shaped sculpture: Department of the best elimination of edema, elimination of small leg rash, elimination of leg dryness, elimination of leg fat.
Back massage, according to the text instructions of the article, infer the value of the user's health. Use: top down, the first head, neck, back, waist or abdomen, rear extremities, first massage the left side of the body and then massage the right side of the body. 

Age: Child / adult / old 
Size: 6 cm 8 cm 
Color: yellow, red, light green, green 
Material: PVC materialFunction:
Comprehensive Fitness Exercise

Model Number: PVC High Density Spiky Massage Ball
Brand Name: OUTAD
Size: 6CM 8CM
Material: PVC
Color: Yellow, Red, Light Green, Green
Size: 6cm, 8cm
Age: Child / Adult / Old